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Vector Containers Ltd offers a wide range of new and used shipping and storage containers for sale throughout South Africa and it Neighboring countries. As a wholesaler we specialize in supplying trade with brand new containers delivered direct from the manufacturer to our local storage depots around the country.


A premium range of shipping containers for sale


Our mission is to supply high quality equipment at the most competitive price. All units are individually inspected and accepted by our own team of in house surveyors prior to leaving the factory.


Standard 8’, 10’, 20’ and 40’ ISO containers are then shipped one-way with cargo to our local storage facility, saving the cost of empty re-positioning those units. Non-standard or special containers are shipped empty and we are committed to finding the cheapest and quickest solution for delivering these units.


With years of experience in the new build container manufacturing and quality control industry , we can supply any type of container that you require. We also supply used containers. Containers are usually in cargo worthy or IICL standard and are suitable for international transport. We can also offer units in ‘As Is’ condition depending upon your requirement.


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Vector Containers pty Ltd, is introducing a web-shop for our regular customers. It is a members-only section where traders can log in and receive discounted prices when buying shipping containers in Mozambique, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Botswana , Namibia and throughout the rest of the SADC region. They can check availability of size, type and colour, in real time for each location and purchase containers directly on line. Inbound units can also be viewed in the web-shop and customers can pre-order units. Depending upon the delivery location we can then organize direct delivery to the customer.


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Thinking of buying shipping containers for your business? We have a wide variety of new and used containers for sale throughout South African and the SADC region. Contact us now for more information.
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